V-Gas Team Took Part in the Campaign "Sneakers Day"

On March 22 (Friday), V-Gas team joined the Multisport initiative – “Sneaker Day”. More than 70 employees of the company felt even more comfortable working with sneakers.

The event is right at the beginning of spring when everybody is thinking about living healthier and more comfortable. That is why in V-Gas we keep our employees active, not only in their work but also in sports. We are considering turning wearing sneakers on Friday in a tradition,” said Petya Boyadzhieva, V-Gas.

The company often organizes team buildings in nature with sports activities – rafting, sailing, horseback riding, cave expeditions, archery, kango jump, rock climbing, etc.

I think there is no employee who has never come with sneakers in the office. Each of us has a sports hobby – ice skating, skiing, running, spinning, zumba, tennis, yoga, pilates, fitness, folk dances… Bobby, Valia and Petya regularly ride a bicycle to work, and Lily even participates in crossfit racings,” Petya added.

About the campaign:

The lack of physical activity, working in front of a computer for hours lead to serious locomotor problems, overweight, stress, and a number of other complaints, which could be avoided with practising sports. Statistics in Bulgaria show that 68% of the population has never played sport, 2/3 is obese and 40% spends more than 5 hours sitting down each day.

The Sneakers Day campaign focuses on preventing and overcoming the health effects caused by lack of physical activity. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure are just some of them.

The goal of the campaign is to inspire people not only to wear sneaker at work on this day but to find time and willingness to be active during the whole year.

V-Gas supports every beneficial initiative to increase physical activity and improve health.