FAQ about LPG Safety

Often, consumers are not fully aware of the propane-butane properties and think that it is dangerous. Therefore, we answer the most frequently asked questions about its safe use.

Are gas heaters safe?

Yes, they are completely safe. Of course, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. It is necessary to regularly pay attention to the flame of the hot plate – it must always be blue.

You can learn a few tips about how to keep the gas stove in good condition here.

Is LPG dangerous?

If used and handled in accordance with prescribed procedures LPG is safe. As with electricity, natural gas, petroleum and other household chemicals, care should always be taken when using LPG.

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Why do gas bottles have to remain upright?

Gas bottles must be used and stored upright for safety reasons.

All home and BBQ gas bottles are fitted with pressure relief valves, which are designed to safely release gas in the event that the gas bottle becomes hot and the pressure becomes too great.

The pressure relief valves are incorporated into the main valve, which is at the top of the bottle. Inside the bottle, the LPG exists as a liquid at the bottom and gas vapour at the top. Keeping the bottle upright ensures that the safety valve is not immersed in the liquid and is located in the vapour space, as it is not designed to vent liquid.

Detailed instructions (in Bulgarian) on the use of propane-butane bottles can be found here.

Our company has built a long-lasting and reliable safety system that involves regular inspections of the entire production and delivery process – from cylinder performance to security.

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