How to keep the gas stove in good condition

Like any appliance, gas stoves benefit from regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and, of course, to avoid any costly repairs. Be sure that cleaning your stove often and properly will guarantee it works well every time you cook a delicious meal.

Keeping the gas stove clean prevents the unpleasant burning of grease, associated with Carbon Monoxide emission. Here are some tips from V-Gas that guarantee the proper functioning of your gas stove for a long time.

Как да поддържаме газовата печка в добро състояние


  • Clean the cooktop after each use.
  • Stubborn cooked-on spills can be cleaned with a baking soda and water.
  • Wait until all parts of the gas stove have completely cooled and dried before cleaning them.
  • Periodically, take the burners apart (be sure they are dry and cool) to clean them. Soak them for a few minutes and then wash them thoroughly with hot water and soap.
  • You can clean the burner holes with stiff wire.
  • Soak in water and then clean the grates with soap. For stubborn spills you can use a special detergent.
  • DON’T spill water over the cooktop – if the stove is wet, the ignition will be difficult
  • DON‘T use toothpicks to clean the burners, as there may remain wood particles. You can dislodge food particles and grease with a toothbrush.
  • DON‘T spray with cleaning agent directly. Take a dry towel, spray off the detergent on top of it and then start cleaning.
  • DON’T forget to clean well the rangehoods above the stove. Check that your hood should not be changed periodically.

Keep in mind that it is also necessary to regularly check the safety of the gas components. Here are some tips:

  • Check the condition of the gas hose – it should be washed and examined – by hand and visually. Make sure that there are no visible defects, blows, rubber breakage, flattening. When pouring the hose with soap solution, flowing should not be observed.
  • If there are defects around the ends of the hose, in the brackets, then these sections must be cut.
  • Be sure to tighten the hose brackets well and check them with soap solution.
  • If you notice serious defects, replace the hose with a new one that is certified and labelled for LPG

Keep in mind these easy tips and enjoy the economical and delicious gas cooking.

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