How to clean the gas BBQ easily?

We have already introduced you several tips for choosing a gas BBQ and its safe usage, as well as some
cunning tricks to prepare meat
with it. Take advantage of the last warm days to cook something outdoors and find out how you can easily clean your gas barbecue in order to be ready for the new season. And remember never to use strong chemicals, high pressure cleaners, and polish to clean the ovens.

  1. Preheat the barbecue completely before turning it off. This cleans and disinfects it.
  2. Before cleaning, make sure the barbecue is off and the propane bottle is no longer attached to it.
  3. Clean the barbecue while still warm (not hot!) – it will be easier to brush remaining food and dirt.
  4. Remove the cooking grills and soak them in warm, soapy water. Wash with a soft brush on both sides.
  5. Remove the parts of the evaporator system and clean them.
  6. Carefully clean the inside of the barbecue with a spatula and a wire brush.
  7. Scrub the bottom and the oven walls inside with the front of the brush (such as a spatula).
  8. Clean or replace the container where the fat is collected.
  9. Put everything back and light the barbecue at a high temperature. Leave for about 10-15 minutes or until the smoke is almost gone from the barbecue.
  10. Turn off the barbecue, remove the propane bottle, wait a little to cool and apply cooking oil on the grills and hotplates.

That’s it! Now you can cover your barbecue and know that you will rely on it when it gets warm again because it looks like new!

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