V-Gas visiting customers with LPG home installations
We have always tried to offer the best for our customers and to seek feedback from them. That is why
98% of V-Gas customers appreciate the company for its seriousness, responsibility and engagement in fulfilling its commitments
А survey, conducted among 47 V-Gas customers in the period August-October 2018, shows that most of the respondents highly appreciate
LPG home installation - the optimal solution for your new property
LPG is the perfect solution when looking for the best way to heat your new home wherever it is. With
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FAQ about switching to a LPG home installation
Autumn is the most suitable season for switching to LPG home installation. LPG installation is a preferred and practical method
V-Gas Mini – So Many Ways to Use
Find out why every traveler should have a V-Gas Mini – a gas stove with a small LPG bottle Now
More than 50 camping recipes competed in our contest with Camping.bg
At the end of August, our special Camping Recipes Competition with Camping.bg ended. The pleasant aftertaste remains, thanks to the original ideas
What do you know about LPG?
Your knowledge of LPG, its properties and the ways of its safe use in domestic conditions will always be helpful.