We support the "Caps for the Future" initiative

Our team always supports substantial initiatives, especially when the causes are related to child development and environment and nature protection. This is why we have participated actively in the national charity campaign “Caps for the Future” this year, which was finalized on April 13, 2019.

Our staff from all over Bulgaria gathered more than 3,000 plastic caps, which helped to free donations for hospitals in small towns.

The results of the 4th edition of the initiative were announced in May 2019. 52 tons of plastics were collected in Sofia, 10 – in Plovdiv, 8 – in Pleven, Shumen, Vratsa, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Pazardzhik and Blagoevgrad.

The founder of the campaign Lazar Radkov announced that up to now, thanks to the activities throughout the country, more than 140 tons of plastic have been recycled. The “Caps for the Future” initiative started in October 2017 and is held every 6 months.

With the money collected from the recycled plastic, infant incubators or other medical equipment, which are donated to needy hospitals, are purchased. The other goal is to reduce the amount of garbage that is generated in Bulgaria.

By joining the campaign, our team, the organizers of the initiative and all donors proved that TOGETHER WE CAN MORE!

Подкрепихме инициативата „Капачки за бъдеще“