2023: 25 Years of V-Gas, Over 25 Steps in the Right Direction

Last year marked a quarter of a century since the establishment of V-Gas, unfolding its potential as a company with a recognizable identity and clear quality criteria. Every step, big or small, on the path to establishing ourselves as leaders in the Bulgarian market for propane-butane trade has led us to thousands of satisfied customers who know why they will continue to trust us.

2023 г.: 25 години V-Gas, над 25 стъпки в правилната посока

We enumerate only a few of these steps and send off 2023 with satisfaction from a well-done job and shared successes:

  • We participated in the program of Sofia University “Energy Markets and Services” with a lecture by Petar Kiselov, Director of Deliveries and Trading at V-Gas, on “The Propane-Butane Market and Its Place in the Ecological Transition.”
  • We conducted dozens of training sessions to maintain and improve the qualifications of our employees, as well as annual emergency training at Benkovski.
  • We opened new sales outlets, contributing to the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We participated for the second consecutive year in the Camping & Caravaning Expo 2023, presenting our products and services to over 15,000 visitors to the exhibition.
  • On June 7, World LPG Day, we celebrated our anniversary with a special event attended by over 200 guests – V-Gas employees and representatives of large international companies, as well as local businesses using propane-butane for various purposes.
  • We conducted a successful promotional campaign with Shell Bulgaria, strengthening our relationship with customers and partners.
  • We started offering composite bottles on the Bulgarian market, a unique product from the world leader Aburi Composites.
  • We reached the Top 15 in the Capital 100 ranking (Fuel sector), affirming the growth and impact of our company on the market.
  • We conducted a successful billboard campaign across Bulgaria, reaching new audiences.
  • We introduced innovative vaporizers from the Japanese company KAGLA, contributing to the diversity of our products.
  • We organized an informational game with NJOY, emphasizing the widespread use of propane-butane as an ecological alternative to other fuels, involving over 5,000 Facebook users.
  • We continue to work vigorously on expanding our base at Benkovski to double storage capacity, increase unloading speed from railway tanks, improve safety, and minimize risk.

With pride, we continue in the right direction, charging you with clean energy and striving for even greater achievements in the future. We thank all our partners and customers for their support and trust. May 2024 fill us with even more energy and strength to continue moving forward! 2023 г.: 25 години V-Gas, над 25 стъпки в правилната посока