5,700 New V-Gas Cylinders Ensure Reliable and Safe Operation

The new batch is а part of our investment program that guarantees optimal safety during operation

The new batch of V-Gas reliable cylinders is 5,700 pieces for 10 kg propane-butane or for 9 kg propane. They are designed for household needs – heating and cooking, and for industrial activities – drying products, powering production facilities and more.

All bottles undergo inspection at each filling and full technical inspection with strength test and internal cleaning every 10 years. Under normal operation and if they meet the requirements, they can be used for 30 years.

Last year, V-Gas refurbished, repaired and repainted approximately 15,000 cylinders to improve the packaging quality of the company’s main product – liquefied hydrocarbon gas (LPG).

All V-Gas cylinders meet the highest safety standards of national and European legislation. Learn more about our products here.