5 Ideas for Spring Adventures in Bulgaria

Spring has begun and we are looking for peace, well-deserved rest and a sunny mood. Here are some ideas on where to find them.

Village of Leshten – Western Rhodopes

The picturesque village is located about 15 km from Gotse Delchev and 8 km from Garmen and it reveals a panoramic view of the Pirin mountain, which is especially beautiful in spring. Walking through the narrow streets of the village, you will be impressed by the authentic look of the old houses, preserving the old national spirit.

5 идеи за пролетни приключения в БългарияSource: peika.bg

Skakavitsa Waterfall – Rila 

Skakavitsa Waterfall is located in the Skakavitsa Reserve on the territory of Rila National Park. It is the highest waterfall in the Rila mountain with a waterfall height of 70 m and among the highest in Bulgaria – at 1750 m above sea level. The path to the waterfall is surrounded by ancient forests of white fir and passes through the hut “Skakavitsa”, which is the first hut built in the country.

5 идеи за пролетни приключения в БългарияSource: waterfallsbg.info

Vidin – Northwestern Bulgaria

The only fully preserved medieval castle in the country – Baba Vida, is located in Vidin. Its construction began in the tenth century. The place preserves the legend of Vida, who was the eldest daughter of a wealthy Bulgarian boyar. Because of her sisters’ failed marriages, Vida rejected all marriage proposals and built the castle, remaining in it for the rest of her life. Visitors can enjoy a view of the Danube from the towers, which is especially beautiful in spring.

5 идеи за пролетни приключения в България
Source: peika.bg

Studena Dam – Western Bulgaria

Studena Dam is located in the western part of Vitosha, on the territory of Pernik District. It was built on the Struma River in the period 1953-1955. As the Studena Dam is a water supply zone, picnics, fishing and bathing are prohibited. But a visit to the place in the spring pleases the eye with the awakening nature and magnificent views of the mountain, reflected in the dam.

5 идеи за пролетни приключения в България 

Eco-trail “View of Nine Mountains” – Rudina mountain

The eco-trail is located on the territory of Rudina Mountain (Pernik region). The warm, but not hot weather makes it a great destination for a picturesque route, consisting of climbing the peak Sirishtnishka Rudina (1172 meters), which opens a unique rich panorama of nine Bulgarian mountains. The length of the trail is 3 km in the direction and takes about 2 hours.

5 идеи за пролетни приключения в България

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