5 Easy Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat

The holiday season is in full swing, temperatures are already over 35 C° and becoming unbearable for most of us. And if some save themselves from the summer heat by cooling off in nature or near water, others are looking for ways to overcome the high temperatures during their daily work rhythm. Here are some easy ways to beat the heat in the city.

5 лесни трика за превъзмогване на летните жеги

Start your day early and actively

During the summer weather, it’s hard to get motivated and keep your body energized. If you force yourself to start your day an hour earlier, you can make the most of the cool hours. Since exercise is key to overcoming fatigue, be sure to make time for exercise early in the morning.

Avoid public transport

Crowding and the lack of air conditioning in many public transport vehicles can heat up temperatures and your nerves to the limit. Use the mornings and evenings for cycling or walking along shady routes. And of course, always carry water with you.

DO NOT drink sugary, carbonated and alcoholic beverages

Think ice cold cider will tone you up on a hot summer day? Make no mistake, alcohol and sugary drinks dehydrate and accelerate the harmful effects of the heat. If you do reach for such a drink, alternate it with a glass of water.

Wear flat and comfortable shoes

Wearing closed and uncomfortable shoes can cause you to “slip”, especially when the degrees are high. When the legs are under stress and the body temperature rises, muscle spasms become more frequent, which in turn cause cramps and/or tendon injuries.

Use cold compresses

An easy way to cool down is to use ice packs on key areas of the body such as the neck and wrists. It is important not to apply the ice directly to the skin as this can cause irritation.

We hope we managed to refresh your everyday life. And if, after all, you have the opportunity to escape to a cool place with your caravan, don’t forget that you can count on our reliable camper bottles.

5 лесни трика за превъзмогване на летните жеги