5 Bizarre Sources for Alternative Energy

You know that V-Gas provides you with one of the cleanest sources of energy – propane-butane. LPG has proved its usefulness, but history knows many bizarre ideas for using alternative sources of fuel. Today, scientists continue their search for cheap and effective ways to obtain energy by exploring unusual methods and resources.

Here are some of the most amazing ones.

5 странни източника на алтернативна енергия

Body Heat

The heat your body produces can warm an entire building, complete with offices, apartments and shops. Therefore, a Swedish company is putting together a plan to capture body heat from train commuters travelling through Stockholm’s Central Stationemitted by passengers on trains passing through Stockholm’s central station. The heat will warm water.

A French company, owner of a low-income housing project, will also use body heat to warm 17 apartments in a building in Paris.

A crematorium in the United Kingdom is using gasses released from the cremation process to heat it.

5 странни източника на алтернативна енергия


Jellyfish that emit light have extraordinary qualities. Their glow is produced by green fluorescent protein (GFP). A team at The Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden placed a drop of GFP onto aluminum electrodes and then exposed that to ultraviolet light. The protein released electrons, which travel a circuit to produce electricity.

The same proteins have been used to make a biological fuel cell, which makes electricity without an external light source. These fuel cells can be used on small, nano devices such as those that could be implanted in a person to diagnose or treat disease.

5 странни източника на алтернативна енергия


Putting sugar into a gas tank can ruin a car’s engine. But scientists believe that one day it can be used for fuel.

Researchers and chemists at Virginia Tech are developing a way to convert sugar into hydrogen, which can be used in a fuel cell, providing a cheaper and cleaner drive. The scientists combine plant sugars, water and 13 powerful enzymes in a reactor, converting the concoction into hydrogen and trace amounts of carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately, it might be another 10 years before consumers can actually dump sugar into their gas tanks. What seems more realistic in the short term is using the same technology to create long-lasting sugar-based batteries for laptops, cell phones and other electronics.

5 странни източника на алтернативна енергия


Sometimes entertainment also contributes to protecting the environment. A club in Rotterdam, Netherlands is using floor vibrations from people walking and dancing to power its light show. The vibrations are captured by “piezoelectric” materials that produce an electric change when put under stress.

The U.S. Army is also looking at piezoelectric technology for energy. They put the material in soldier’s boots in order to charge radios and other portable devices. The disadvantage of piezoelectric technology is that it requires serious investment.


5 странни източника на алтернативна енергия


Billions of bacteria live out in the wild, and like any living organism, they have a survival strategy for when there is a limited food supply. The same bacteria that can make us sick can also help save people money and the environment, by providing fuel for transportation.

Some bacteria store fuel in the form of fatty acids that resembles polyester. That same fatty acid is needed for the production of biodiesel fuel. So, researchers are looking to genetically modify bacteria’s microorganisms to overproduce those polyester-like acids.

Source: Foxnew.com

While researchers are trying different alternatives to energy production, you can trust a proven source – propane-butane. We continue to deliver our products to your home.

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