5 Tricks for Capturing an Impressive Sea Sunset

The magic of capturing the moment of the sea sunset is one of the biggest challenges not only for beginners but even for experienced photographers. No matter your skill level or technique, follow these simple tricks to capture the wonderful moment of the sun merging with the sea. 5 трика за заснемане на впечатляващ морски залез

  1. Wait for the right moment

Be patient and start shooting about 45 minutes before sunset. Choose a suitable depopulated place to focus on recreating nature undisturbed. The clouds and the colourful sky will help you to make the captured landscape unforgettable.

  1. Change your camera settings

As the sun hides behind the water and “sinks” below the horizon, the amount of light available changes. Therefore, you need to increase the ISO setting and maintain an aperture of f / 8 or less.

  1. Pay attention to every detail around you

Experiment with the nature around you. Use the vegetation, the rocks, the silhouettes that transform with the change of light. Choose different angles to create composition and mood. Any grain of sand or wave can be crucial to recreating your point of view.

  1. Use frames

Using frames is a powerful way to draw the viewer’s attention to the main subject and create a sense of movement through the image. Think about how you can use the elements around you to direct the viewer’s gaze through the image to the focus of the photo – the setting sun.

  1. Focus manually

When taking pictures of the sun, intense lighting can sometimes cause your camera’s autofocus to automatically lock another setting. If your camera allows, switch to manual focus so you can ensure you’re shooting perfectly. Enjoy the beautiful moments in nature, and we at V-Gas can take care of the comfort and tranquillity at your home. 5 трика за заснемане на впечатляващ морски залез Sources: www.dummies.com; ww.netit.bg