7 things you might not know about LPG

7 неща, които не знаете за пропан-бутанаHere are some interesting facts about the propane-butane, which most of you are probably not familiar with. Whether you know that LPG helps to significantly reduce emissions (on average, a household spends 1.5 tonnes (about 25%) CO2 less per year if it uses LPG), it is important to make sure that LPG is the most reliable and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.


  • LPG emits 50 % less Co2 than coal.
  • LPG helps to reduce emissions of a typical house by 1.5 tonnes (around 25%) of Co2 per year
  • Governments in many countries around the world are taking LPG incentive policies because it is an economical, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to combat pollution and improve air quality.
  • Recent studies have shown that Autogas generates much less carbon emissions not only from gasoline but also from diesel fuel.
  • Propane-butane has a higher efficiency in energy distribution than natural gas, making it ideal for various business, like livestock, plant growing, agricultural and other industries.
  • LPG does not need a huge infrastructure of pipelines to support it. Often, it is the only fuel to reach islands or high altitude communities and, in times of emergency or national disaster, it can be crucial to survival.
  • As one of the cleanest conventional fuels, propane-butane belongs to the natural sources of energy, as are the technologies that depend on weather or daylight.

Thanks to its many advantages, propane-butane is the preferred way of heating in millions of households around the world. Join them, call us at 0700 20 204 and find out how you can take advantage of the opportunities LPG offers.