98% of V-Gas customers appreciate the company for its seriousness, responsibility and engagement in fulfilling its commitments

А survey, conducted among 47 V-Gas customers in the period August-October 2018, shows that most of the respondents highly appreciate the service and the quality of the products. Among the responses, there is no “dissatisfied” answer, concerning any of the questions, included in the poll. It focuses on assessing delivery, document accuracy, product quality, maintenance, inspections, etc.

98% от клиентите на V-Gas ценят компанията заради сериозност, отговорност и ангажираност при изпълнение на поетите ангажименти

96% of the respondents give a good and very good evaluation of the accuracy and transparency of V-Gas offers. An even greater percentage of the customers (98%) identified as very good or good the flexibility and openness of the company’s employees in conducting trade and technical negotiations. 70% give the highest possible estimate for the demonstrated professionalism, competence and experience in the work process.

The results of the survey also indicate that V-Gas customers are at a high level satisfied with the seriousness, responsibility and engagement in fulfilling the commitments, as well as tolerance, collegiality and responsiveness in the work process. Customers are also very pleased with the quality of the delivered products and the responsiveness and expedience in resolving inconsistencies and complaints.

To the question “Why did you choose V-Gas as an LPG supplier?”, the answers provided indicate that the main reasons are:

  • good past relationships and relationship (91%)
  • expected professionalism and correctness (89%)
  • good product quality (85%)

100% of respondents will continue to use the company’s services and 98% would share their satisfaction with business partners and acquaintances.

The poll shows that the satisfaction of V-Gas products and services is extremely high. The company periodically seeks feedback from its customers so that it can continue to offer the best service and products on the market. If you have questions and recommendations to us, do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service@v-gas.bg.