Safe Use of Gas Cylinders

Our entire team at V-Gas puts safety first. Therefore, the safe operation of propane-butane bottles and compliance with all safety requirements of national and European legislation is of utmost importance to us. Safety should also be of great importance for you, our customers when using our products.

It is up to you not to drop or otherwise damage the bottle and to make sure that:

  • appliances that will use propane-butane are in good working order
  • don’t fill the bottles by yourself
  • do not keep bottles near open flame sources
  • the cylinders are placed in an upright position

Therefore, after giving you the basic safety tips for working with gas bottles, we remind you of a few other essential recommendations when using gas cylinders.

  • !DON’T defrost gas cylinders using electrical appliances such as hair dryers, fan and convection heaters or other heat sources.
  • !DON’T keep more than two bottles in one room, whether filled or not.
  • !DON’T transport the bottle with the valve open.
  • !DON’T smoke close to gas cylinders.
  • !DON’T place textiles or plastic materials near bottles and gas appliances.
  • !DON’T try to fill or pour gas from one bottle to another.

Безопасно използване на газови бутилки

  • !DO  – keep the bottles away from children.
  • !DO – after stopping the appliance, stop the gas flow from the bottle by closing the valve, regardless of whether the gas appliance has a stopcock.
  • !DO – check the bottles for corrosion, leakage, cracks, etc. just before each use.
  • !DOobserve the appliances during operation for gas leakage and check for leaks with soap foam, but in no case with open flames.
  • !DO – apply safety tips to empty bottles as they may be as dangerous as full bottles.
  • !DO – obtain a small powder fire extinguisher and read up its operation manual in advance if necessary.

Follow these safety tips and remember – if used and treated in accordance with established procedures, LPG is safe. As with electricity, natural gas, oil, and other household heating and moving equipment, you must always be careful.

For more information on the safe LPG bottles operation, you can find more instructions and documents here.