Safe Exploitation

LPG is a convenient and multifunctional source of energy. However, it also has potentially dangerous properties. Caution and proper design, operation and maintenance are therefore required at all stages of its production, storage, transportation and end-use. The LPG properties must be known in-depth in order to maintain a high level of operational safety.

Physical and chemical properties of LPG

Impact on the human body:


Безопасност при експлоатацияINHALATION

Exposure to high-concentration of LPG in the air can lead to fatigue, dizziness, unconsciousness, and breathlessness.

The alkanes (propane and butane) are quite powerful drugs, but their effects on the human body are weakened due to low blood solubility. Under normal conditions, they appear to be practically harmless.

Toxic action of propane-butane occurs only at high concentrations in the air as it significantly reduces the oxygen content of the inhaled air and can cause suffocation, loss of consciousness and death.

For this reason, propane-butane is classified as asphyxiant.

At the level of concentration above 10 per cent, propane-butane may cause respiratory tract irritation, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, drowsiness, headache and disorientation. Inhaled gas in the gas phase should be avoided. When there is a high concentration in the air, it pushes the oxygen up – such situations may occur after big LPG spill in a closed space. It is absolutely forbidden to enter such a space until it has been inspected and permitted by an authorized person.

For persons injured by the above, the first action is to move to fresh air. In case of stopped breathing, take artificial respiration and make cardiac massage if necessary. Call Emergency Medical Service immediately!

The maximum value of propane-butane in the air in the working area is 1800 mg / m³ according to Regulation No 13/1992.


When LPG in liquid-phase contacts the skin or eyes, it can cause cold burns as a result of rapid evaporation and decrease of the temperature of the skin.

In case of cold burning, soak the affected area thoroughly with water to normalize the temperature and cover it with sterile gauze. Seek qualified medical aid.