Demax Group

Krassimir Nikolov, Demax Group:

Our co-operation with V-Gas is secure and relaxed

Демакс АД

About our client Demax Group:

Demax is one of the most modern private printing companies in Bulgaria with headquarters in Sofia and it has more than 400 employees. Founded in 1992, it now includes four companies. Among the services of the company are security printing, licensed production of forms, securities and documents, design and production of holograms, production of self-adhesive products through flexo printing, production and personalization of plastic cards, digital printing and screen printing. Today polygraphy is not limited to printing information, but it requires data processing and storage. This has led to its close involvement with information technology and the creation of IT solutions for data management and workflows.

A short interview with Mr. Krassimir Nikolov – Head of Demax’s warehouse

We are so glad that for almost two years we have been working with Demax. How did you find out about our services?

V-Gas is a well-known LPG supplier in Bulgaria. We rely on you mainly for the correct presentation and deliveries. We also maintain permanent and direct contacts with V-Gas representative Mr. Asen Stoyanov.


What do you think about our co-operation?

Our co-operation is secured and relaxed.


Any recommendations?                                                                                      

Continue to be responsive and honest with your customers! I believe we will continue our joint work with even better and more responsible attitudes in resolving new problems.


Thank you, it will be, for sure!