Do You Prefer Greener Energy for Your Business?

If your answer is “Yes”, then learn more about the LPG benefits for your business

If you have a high energy business and want to switch to a more efficient fuel, then the best solution for your organization is to use LPG. Compared to other, widely used fuels, LPG emits less carbon, making it much cleaner. The use of propane-butane is a reliable and safe energy source with wide application. Another advantage when choosing LPG over other heating options is the trouble-free and easy process of using gas installations.

Propane-butane – the green fuel. V-Gas – your partner in the transition to LPG.

Our team of experts with many years of experience in the industry will provide you with the right fuel system, the right equipment and will take care of the easy implementation of the entire process – from researching customer needs through tank installation and legalization of installation to regular propane-butane deliveries. and pure propane. We provide the best solution for energy supply in various industrial sectors, agriculture and other businesses.

Предпочитате ли по-екологична енергия за вашия бизнес?


Here are just a few of the LPG benefits:

  • You only pay for what you consume. You are not dependent on heating companies, cumbersome administration and frequent accidents.
  • You reduce the carbon footprint.
  • You provide extended fuel life for your business.
  • You invest minimal resources in maintenance and benefit from higher productivity.
  • You rely on an affordable energy source that can be delivered even in places with poorly developed infrastructure.

Now is the time to take advantage of LPG and rely on a trusted partner who can offer the best solutions for your business – contact V-Gas on tel .: 0700 20 204 or email us at

Предпочитате ли по-екологична енергия за вашия бизнес?