LPG Home Installation – Comfort and Safety

Домашна LPG инсталация за удобство и безопасностHave you ever considered how to use energy at home as efficiently, safely and as environmentally friendly? Choose LPG home installation for heating and cooking, because this is the modern and secure solution for your home.

Live Ecologically

LPG is above all an eco-friendly source of energy. When switching to a propane-butane home installation, you begin to lead a natural way of life, because you help for emissions and keep the environment clean and healthy.

The Modern Solution

Switching to a propane-butane installation is easy and goes through just a few steps. High-tech methods for installing LPG for domestic use ensure effective operation and maximum safety of all appliances and systems. Many households prefer using LPG to other fuels- because they are environmentally friendly and can easily predict their consumption.

Everything You Need is … LPG

Did you know that famous chefs from all over the world prefer to cook with LPG because they have a solid control over the heat and the products retain their beneficial ingredients. Cooking with LPG is inexpensive and possible, even when you live in a hard-to-reach and non-communicative place.

Heating water with LPG also has its benefits. Domestic installations occupy much less space than precarious and expensive boilers. Also, consumers receive hot water quickly and without having to resort to other noisy installations.

LPG usage is extremely effective compared to other heating methods. For example, the law obliges each „Toplofikacia” customer to pay a building heating system charge, which increases its monthly heating costs. When using a propane-butane system, you only pay for the energy actually consumed.

You can also use LPG for barbecues or when traveling with a camper. And why not for a home fireplace? Consult a specialist who will explain to you how to get a beautiful and safe home fireplace, and V-Gas will keep the fire burning.

Get the right solution for efficient and environmentally friendly heating installation in your home! Contact our experts at 0700 20204 to find out exactly how you can switch to a propane-butane home system!