Autogas facts you need to know

Факти за автогаза, които трябва да знаетеMore and more Bulgarians convert their cars to LPG power, because of continually rising fuel prices. In recent years, autogas is also a preferred fuel throughout Europe, with its constant innovations and upgrades.

Get to know some basic facts about the automotive LPG fuel.

  1. Propane-butane, also known as LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), is a mixture of the light hydrocarbons propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) which are in gaseous aggregate state at atmospheric temperature and pressure. LPG is mainly extracted from petroleum and natural gas fields, or is produced from oil refining in refineries.
  2. Propane-butane is among the most environmentally friendly fuels and is used over 60 years for automotive fuel. The natural products, produced after the combustion of LPG, are carbon dioxide and water vapor. Compared to the light fuels, there is no emission of heavy metal compounds.
  3. Besides ecological, LPG is also inexpensive. The cost of the autogas is significantly lower than that of gasoline and its distribution network in Bulgaria and Europe is well developed.
  4. Compared to the traditional fuels, LPG extends the engine’s life. Propane-butane enters the engine in a gaseous state, therefore, does not wash the oil film from the cylinder walls and does not dilute the oil in the crankcase. This reduces the wear of the cylinders and increases the engine’s operating resource. In the burning process no solid particles are released which, due to their abrasive action, would result in engine wear.
  5. With LPG your car is running steadily and quietly because propane-butane is easily mixed with air and evenly filled engine cylinders with a homogeneous fuel-air mixture. This mixture burns almost completely, so there is no pulp on the pistons, valves and spark plugs. The time for switching candles increases significantly.
  6. Propane-butane has a high octane number (103-105)
  7. If installed correctly and using a reliable system and safe bottles (like V-Gas cylinders), the automotive LPG system is as safe as any other system.
  8. More than four million vehicles worldwide are using autogas and their number is increasing every day.

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