FAQ about switching to a LPG home installation

Autumn is the most suitable season for switching to LPG home installation. LPG installation is a preferred and practical method for heating, supplying with hot water and cooking all around the world. This method is gaining popularity in Bulgaria as well. Modern households choose a propane-butane installation, because it is more economical and environmentally friendly and the household only pays for the energy that is spent.

We recall the main steps for switching to the installation and provide answers to the most common questions about how to install it.

Отговори на често задавани въпроси за преминаване към домашна пропан-бутанова инсталация


If a private household wishes to use propane for its needs (for heating, hot water, cooking), it must have a tank. The tanks are above-the-ground and underground. In both cases the capacity of the tank shall be in line with the estimated annual consumption.

  • What about the selection of the tank installation?

The selection of the installation tank is determined after discussion between the customer and the V-GAS representative and clarification of the modalities of application. Once the location has been determined, V-GAS undertakes to install the tank and can assist in reconciling the interior equipment – the kitchen, the place of the boiler, the hot water tank, etc.

  • Is it necessary for the household to buy a tank?

It is not necessary. V-GAS offers renting and storage of the tank. In case of renting, V-GAS invoices the rental amount once a year, for example in January. In the case of consignment, it is sufficient to submit a deposit of guarantee that will be refunded after the tank is returned at the end of the contract. In both cases, V-GAS remains the owner of the tank and takes care of its maintenance.

  • Where the tank should be installed?

The sales representative of V-GAS, together with the customer, designer and / or contractor, will identify and investigate where the tank will be installed to ensure its safe operation. Upon customer’s request, V-GAS can take over the construction of an internal network after a preliminarily prepared offer.


After the conditions are agreed, the customer and the V-GAS sales representative sign a service contract.

  • What kinds of documents are needed?

Document of ownership, permission from the municipality, extract from the plan of the land commission, and in special / certain cases – purchase contract, environmental permit, owner’s consent for rental relations.


The designer shall prepare the technical documentation for the LPG supply and storage system. Upon request by the customer, a project of internal LPG system may also be prepared.


The V-GAS technical expert sends a copy of the approved projects to the customer and the Regional Inspectorate of Metrology and Technical Surveillance. The inspection reviews the documentation received and conducts a procedure for permitting the construction and installation.

Tank Installatoion

After completion of the preparatory work V-GAS supplies and installs the tank.

Technical Delivery and Acceptance

The contractor of V-GAS, in the presence of the Regional Inspectorate of Metrology and Technical Supervision, performs the necessary pneumatic and hydraulic tests of the tank and the pipeline. The contractor presents to the customer the instructions on the proper operation of the gas supply system and facilities.

Filling The Tank

Upon successful completion of the tests and the technical delivery and acceptance, the quantity of propane-butane gas ordered is supplied.

If you have more questions about switching to a propane-butane installation, you can contact us at customer.service@v-gas.com or at 0700 20204.

Отговори на често задавани въпроси за преминаване към домашна пропан-бутанова инсталация