Feng Shui Tips to Attract Positive Energy in Your Home

The approach of spring most often makes us think about how we can refresh our home and make it brighter and cosier. Feng Shui practices come to the rescue in this endeavour. It can easily increase the influx of positive energy in your home, and at the same time to help you maintain a good mood in it.

At its heart, feng shui is about the concept of chi – a life force or energy flow in your home. Just as in traditional Chinese medicine chi is said to flow through the body, in feng shui chi is thought to flow through the home. Learn some of the basic techniques.

Aim to include the five elements in each room

Фън шуй тактики за привличане на позитивна енергия в дома

While it is not necessary to literally incorporate the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), try to bring something that represents the elements into every room of your home. For instance, glass or a mirror can embody water, a candle or lamp – fire, and ceramics – earth. A room incorporating these five elements will make you feel comfortable and inspired.

Choose healing feng shui forms

Фън шуй тактики за привличане на позитивна енергия в дома

Once you begin looking at your home from a feng shui point of view, you come to see that the principles have a lot to do with symbolism. Sharp corners suggest danger, dying plants are a sign of poor health and so on.

Once you get the feeling for this, you can apply feng shui cures. They can include hanging mirrors, using octagonal shapes, crystals (especially hung from the ceiling), leafy green plants and water.

Balance your bedroom for a better relationship

Фън шуй тактики за привличане на позитивна енергия в дома

Place your bed so that you have a good view of the door from it. Putting the bed directly across from the door is considered unlucky, though, so try to keep it off-centre.

If you are in a relationship, it is also important to have bedside tables and lamps of equal sizes, as this suggests equality in the relationship.

Don’t send creative energy out the window

Фън шуй тактики за привличане на позитивна енергия в дома

Placing your desk in a place where you can see most of the room, including the doorway, you are likely to feel more secure and in charge of your space. Also, consider the primary purpose of your room: is it to relax or daydream? If so, placing your desk directly in front of a window may be ideal, but if your goal is to work efficiently, then another layout may be better for you. Try positioning your desk with the window to one side, so you can look out the window when you need a break.

Source: houzz.com.au

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