Liquid Gas Europe's Annual Review

The report highlights the proliferation of propane-butane in pandemic conditions and alternative fuels as an opportunity to reduce emissions.

Each year, the European LPG Association (Liquid Gas Europe) publishes an overview of its activities for the past 12 months and provides guidelines for achieving its main goals, focused on the following areas:

  • demonstrating the benefits of LPG as a clean and innovative alternative to other fuels over European politicians and stakeholders;
  • presentation of the industry in key discussions;
  • secure high-quality standards, maximising safety, for the product and its many applications;
  • ensuring high-quality standards and optimizing product safety and security.

Годишен анализ на Liquid Gas Europe за 2020 г.

The report for the past year pays special attention to the spread of propane-butane in a pandemic and the possibilities for reducing emissions. The financial consequences of the crisis increase the need for affordable and environmentally friendly fuel, which can also be used in older cars. That is why the #AutogasOpportunities campaign was created, the main messages of which are:

• Air pollution is a public health issue
Autogas can make a difference immediately
• Affordability is key in a time of economic recession

In 2020, the Association stimulated dialogue between the sector and other businesses during numerous online conferences, webinars and forums. The organization has also been actively involved in events related to the future of the energy sector in the European Union, presenting the benefits of LPG.

Read the annual review here.