We are proud of what we have achieved in 2018

The new year is coming. Our team is proud of the achievements for the past 12 months and sets even higher targets for 2019. We believe that together with you – our clients and partners – we will succeed again!

And here is what we have achieved in the past year:

Гордеем се с постигнатото през 2018 г.

  • In January 2018, V-Gas has received the first batch of 1,500 brand new gas bottles. By the end of the year, the new bottles are more than 7,000. They meet the needs of the increased demand for products and services from the company.
  • In the past year, we also purchased 3,000 new gas bottles with automobile fuel for our customers. We plan to renovate at least 20% of these bottles in 2019, guaranteeing our customers a product with an inner surface that meets their highest requirements!
  • Since 2018, we offer new 50 litre bottles of LPG for the needs of cherry, peach, strawberry and other plant growers. The bottles are used by heating machines to provide warm air and to protect plants from freezing and frost during the transition seasons characterized by large temperature differences.
  • We offer another new product – transportable 760 litre LPG tank, which is often used in the field of agriculture. This type of vertical tanks is often used to feed the burners that take care of the weeds, thus avoiding the use of preparations.
  • We also delighted the camper lovers with the unique V-Gas Mini – practical and reliable small butane bottles. The small sources of energy contribute to fast food preparation and warming of beverages. They are an indispensable assistant for long trips, construction and repair work or long-term fieldwork.
  • Our Executive Director Angel Angelov jointed the 2018 AEGPL Congress which took place in Monaco. Over 100 innovative LPG companies were represented, including V-Gas.
  • 98% of V-Gas customers appreciate the company for its seriousness, responsibility and engagement in fulfilling its commitments. This shows a survey we conducted among nearly 50 clients of the company.

In 2019, the company will continue to growth! We are looking forward to your recommendations, opinions and suggestions to the company by email: customer.service@v-gas.bg.