BBQ with Kids

Show the little ones how to prepare a BBQ, so that they will help and you can have fun

Making a barbecue with kids can not only stimulate their imagination, teach them new things and good eating habits, but also it can be easier for you. Take this opportunity to have fun and to share unforgettable moments with the whole family.

Worried about the kids’ safety? By teaching them to follow some simple rules, you will ensure peace around the barbecue, and perhaps you will stimulate them to prepare delicious meals.

Safety First

The first lesson is to show and clearly explain to them how to light and start the grill several times before letting them try it on their own. This can be easier with LPG BBQ.

Make sure your child is tall enough to easily reach the meat with the tools you use to cook. This will assure they don’t get burned when they reach over the grill.

Explain to them the hot areas of the grill. Thus, you will also avoid your little ones from getting burned.

The basics of health and maintenance

Ask your children to always wash their hands before start cooking and after handling raw meat. In this sense, never put cooked meat on a plate you have used for raw meat.

After everyone’s has eaten and the grill is warmer, teach proper grill cleanup and maintenance. It’s nice to have a BBQ  but keeping it clean is vital for the grill to last for years.


Хайде на барбекю с децата!

Proper use of BBQ tools

Always use long-handled grilling tools to keep you away from the heat. Teach children to use a spatula and wear an apron. They will also be interested if you use a cooking clock.

Choose the Right Place

It is important to choose a suitable place for the barbecue. It must be at least 3 meters away from buildings and fences. The grill should not be near low hanging branches. If you have a fire extinguisher, teach children to use it as well.

Get Children to Help

Children can help a lot in preparing a barbecue. Depending on their age, choose the most appropriate activity for them. For example:

  • peeling and cutting vegetables;
  • table preparation, serving napkins and utensils;
  • arranging food;
  • preparation of salad, burgers, etc .;
  • placing the food on the grill;
  • serving.

These are just a few ideas for making BBQ together, and you will surely find many more interesting joint activities spontaneously.

If you are wondering what is appropriate to cook with the little ones on BBQ, check out recipes for hot dogs, roasted vegetables, grilled pizza, chicken tacos and more.

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Хайде на барбекю с децата!