Have a Nice Trip With V-Gas Camper Bottles

Ready to hit the road, without compromising your comfort – get a V-Gas Camper Propane Bottle The season of camper travel is in full swing, and V-Gas offers you the most suitable product for water warming, heating and cooking, wherever you are – propane bottles (95-98%).

Why V-Gas Camper Propane Bottles?

  • During a camper trip, propane is widely used – from heating and water warming to cooking;
  • Our camper bottles are easy to put on and use – they have a special corner valve;
  • Propane is the only working solution at high consumption and low temperatures. The standard propane-butane mixture stops working at very low temperatures.
  • The dimensions of the V-Gas camper cylinders are in accordance with the storage places of most campers and caravans:

Net Weight: propane – 9 kg Tare Weight: between 10 and 11 kg Height: 51 cm   Body Diameter: 30 cm

How To Order V-Gas Camper Bottles?

It’s easy – you can order our practical propane bottles with one call to the national number: 0700 20204.

You can also find our Camper bottles in these locations across the country:


  • SHELL BOYANA, Sofia 1616, Golyama Mogila Str., Ring Road, Km 49-650, Boyana Quarter
  • SHELL EUROPE, Sofia 1366, 138 Slivnitsa Blvd., Warehouse-production zone – Modern suburb
  • SHELL EAST, Sofia 1784, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., Mladost 1
  • SHELL LOMSKO SHOSE, Sofia 1220, ul. “Lyuborodie”, residential complex Hope 1
  • SHELL LULIN CENTER, Sofia 1336 Pancho Vladigerov Blvd. Lyulin 3
  • SHEL SIMEONOVO, Sofia 1434 135 Okolovrasten pat Str. Simeonovo Km46-717
  • CAMPIC COMPLEX, Sofia, Samokovsko shose Street 131

In the rest of the country:

  • SHELL ASENOVGRAD, Asenovgrad 4230, bul. “Bulgaria” 55,
  • SHELL BLAGOEVGRAD, Blagoevgrad 2700, I-1 E79, KM 367 Left,
  • SHELL COLODER, Burgas 8000 8 Struga Blvd., E87
  • SHELL VARNA, Varna 9010 23 Knyaz Boris I Blvd., Saltanat
  • SHELL ODESSOS – CYLINDERS, Varna 9000 4 Devnya Str., 9000 Southern Industrial Zone,
  • SHELL VELIKO TARNOVO, Veliko Tarnovo, 19 Nikola Gabrovski Blvd., E772
  • SHELL GABROVO, Gabrovo 5300, 29A Bryanska Str.,
  • SHELL DOBRICH, Dobrich 9300, 92 Khan Tervel Street
  • SHELL KAZANLAK, Kazanlak 6100, 40 Knyaz Alexander Batenberg Blvd., May Day Quarter
  • VOLODYA IGNATOV KAZANLAK, Kazanlak С16 Skobelev Blvd.
  • SHIPKA 54 KAZANLAK, Kazanlak 21221 Alexander Batenberg Blvd.,
  • SHELL KARDZHALI, Kardzhali 52 Parvi Mai Str
  • SHELL KYUSTENDIL, Kyustendil 2500 68 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Eastern Industrial Zone
  • SHELL MARIA LOUISE, Plovdiv 46-48 Opalchenska Str., 1303
  • OMEGA TRANS PLOVDIV, Plovdiv 4000 Pazardzhik Highway № 82
  • SHELL HEBROS, Pazardzhik 4400 Tsaritsa Yoanna Street and Lyuben Boyanov Street,
  • SHELL PAZARDZHIK WEST, Pazardzhik 4400 Panagyursko shosse exit for Trakia highway
  • SHELL PLEVEN CENTER, Pleven 5800, Ivan Mendelikov Str. And Vasil Levski Str., Roundabout,
  • SHELL RAZGRAD, Razgrad 7200 April Uprising Blvd., Southern Industrial Zone
  • SHELL RUSE, Ruse 7000 bul. Bulgaria 9, zh.k. Family 4
  • SHELL TRAYANA, Stara Zagora 6001, Tsar Simeon the Great Blvd., Zheleznik
  • SHELL HASKOVO, Haskovo 6300 108 Osvobozhdenie Blvd., Southern Industrial Zone
  • SHELL SHUMEN STADIANA, Shumen 9700 Simeon Veliki Blvd., Southern Industrial Zone
  • SHELL YAMBOL, Yambol 8600 16 Dimitar Blagoev Blvd., Gradski
  • ALVES LTD SOZOPOL, Ravadinovo village Warehouse