How to Work More Efficiently From Home

It seems that anti-epidemic measures will be observed for a long time, and more and more employers will allow their staff to work from home. For some the remote performance of work tasks does not affect their productivity, for others accustomed to office work, the new situation can be complicated and stressful. For the latter, we give some valuable tips that improve productivity from home. Как да работим по-ефективно от вкъщи

  1. Set strict working hours

When you work in the office, going home is a signal that the working day is over. When working from home, you must observe certain hours. This will help you better structure your tasks and show colleagues that you are not available 24/7.

  1. Set goals to accomplish 

It is not enough to just mark the current tasks; you need to set goals for what you will achieve during the hours set aside for work. The speed and success of the goals, whether short-term, medium-term or long-term, will tell your employer whether it is more appropriate to work in an office or remotely.

  1. Find a way to reduce communication with other people in your home (during working hours :))

Complying with this condition, especially if you are surrounded by small kids, sounds extremely difficult. But if you are strict in following the new rules at home, in no time the others will learn to provide you with peace and quiet while working from home. Both adults and children need to know clearly when it’s time to have fun and when to do serious tasks.

  1. Restrict your access to things that distract you

Work interruptions due to others are not the only form of distraction faced by home workers. We all “soak” in social networks, “stare” at the TV or find other activities, just not to do our job. In order not to waste your time, extreme self-discipline is required. Turn off the TV, disconnect from Facebook and focus on fulfilling the planned goals.

  1. Create a cozy and functional work environment

A home office in a separate room is ideal, but it is not always possible. Wherever you work, be it a corner in the dining room or the bedroom, it must be fully equipped for the purpose. It is inefficient to “rebuild” your workspace every day. Choose a place that is functional and where you are least likely to be interrupted. Working in (and out) of the office takes time. We strive to save you effort by continuing to deliver (in accordance with all safety procedures) to your home. Order our bottles by phone: 0889 959 551.