History of LPG

Nowadays, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is commonly used in households, industry, services and trade. This is due to the benefits and the broad application that it has. However, not everyone is familiar with the history of the propane-butane and the way it was discovered.

Dr. Walter O. Snelling and His Discovery

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Propane-butane is found in a rather paradoxical way. In 1911, an angry client of an oil company ordered his friend, the famous American chemist and explosive expert, Dr. Walter Snelling to find out the reasons for a strange case. The reason for the client’s indignation was that he has found an amazing fact – while driving his Ford T home, half of his fuel (the tank was full) has just disappeared in an unprecedented way during the short trip.

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The tank does not flow anywhere. After many experiments, Dr. Snelling found out that the cause of the mystery was in the high propane and butane gas content of the charged fuel, and shortly thereafter developed the first practical methods of distilling them. Because of these fundamental developments, nowadays Dr. Snelling is now considered to be the “father” of this industry.

Commercialization of LPG

Dr. Snelling immediately realized how useful and economical the propane-butane is, and how widespread the LPG properties are. It could be used for lighting, metal cutting, cooking, etc. The discovery was revolutionary in the development of the industry. Snelling, along with other scientists, quickly created ways to liquefy the LPG and they established the American Gasol Company – the first commercial marketer of LPG.

Nowadays, the production and usage of propane-butane are safe and environmentally friendly. V-Gas Bulgaria also contributes to the development of the sector in Bulgaria by selling propane-butane gas on the market for more than 20 years. Thanks to the quality services we offer, the use of propane-butane for business and domestic purposes is becoming increasingly widespread in the country.

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