How to plan the camper trip

Whether you have decided to rent a camper or you already own one, in order for your journey to be perfect, pre-planning and preparations are required.

In our article “What should not be forgotten when traveling with a camper?“, you can find practical advice on what to bring with you on the road (remember your documents, the first aid kit and the propane bottles from V-Gas!). Now, we are giving you some tips about the preparation of your four-wheeled trip. Как да планираме пътуването с кемпер

  1. Plan ahead – step by step, select the exact route and anticipate your time activities, and the budget. Research the road fees on the way and plan the extra costs that may arise.
  2. Determine your group – a camper ride is not for everyone, and its capacity is limited. Determine your group according to the length of the journey and the attitudes of others, which are your companions. Keep track of the trip and upcoming activities with each of the group.
  3. Provide extra fun – if you have children with you, be sure they will feel comfortable and have fun throughout the long journey. Take with you boarding games, books and toys.
  4. Research the road and the traffic in advance – you can do so by asking friends who have already travelled to the destination with a camper or check online for reliable and up-to-date roar and traffic information.
  5. Make sure your camper is in good working order – it’s important to be sure in your vehicle before driving on the road. Here are some practical tips.
  6. Make sure to get enough food –save money and lots of inconveniences while on the road. Bring with you a long-term food supply. And for a hot drink or soup, rely on our small butane bottles with V-Gas Mini, wherever you are.

Once all the preparations are done, there is nothing else you should do but enjoy the unforgettable journey with your companions. Have a nice trip!