How to live greener every day

The harms that humanity has done to Earth are gaining enormous proportions and are becoming more tangible. Climate change, increasing consumption of resources and the accumulation of pollutants are detrimental to nature and consequently lead to an increasing number of health problems globally.

At the same time, each one of us can contribute to improving the environment by following easy practices in our daily lives. We encourage you to learn about environmentally-friendly lifestyles. We give you some easy-to-follow tips to help you reduce the negative effects on the environment.

Как да живеем по-екологично всеки ден

NO to plastic. Limit its use.

The unnecessary use of plastic utensils, straws and bags causes a large percentage of pollution and results in the death of thousands of marine animals that confuse plastic waste with food. It is easy to use glass bottles, reusable bags, containers and cutlery.

Как да живеем по-екологично всеки ден

YES to LPG. Use alternative transport fuel.          

Autogas is the most accessible alternative fuel. It is used as an alternative to conventional petroleum fuels, gasoline and diesel. The reason – propane-butane is among the most environmentally friendly fuels and has been used for over 70 years. The natural products obtained from the combustion of LPG are carbon dioxide and water vapour. Compared to other fuels, emissions from heavy metal compounds are lacking.

Using propane-butane as fuel will significantly reduce the emissions of your car.

Find out more about the benefits of using LPG as fuel here.

Как да живеем по-екологично всеки ден

NO to waste disposal in the toilet. Collect garbage separately.

Waste disposal in the toilet is very dangerous for the environment. Anything poured into the canal, sink, or toilet can end up in water sources.

Collect garbage separately and avoid throwing away food.

Как да живеем по-екологично всеки ден

YES to the rechargeable batteries. Do not use disposable batteries.

Investing in rechargeable batteries is worth it. It saves money, but also saves the environment, for which disposable batteries are a big threat. Solar chargers are now available on the market so that when sufficiently measured, one can draw energy from recharging from nature.

And another thing – it is advisable to turn off the charger after use. When left on, it continues to consume energy.

Как да живеем по-екологично всеки ден

NO to the aimless use of paper. Replace notebooks and sheets with electronic notes.

The paper is made of wood and replacing the notebooks and sheets with electronic notes in your smartphone or computer will help nature.

Another good practice to follow is to avoid printing or, if necessary, to use paper on both sides. It is also advisable to avoid widespread disposable cups (not only plastic but also paper cups).

We believe that everyone can contribute to protecting the environment and support an environmentally-friendly lifestyle at home and at work. Therefore, V-Gas’s activities comply with the latest environmental requirements and European standards.