What Type Of Camper Are You?

Какъв тип „къмпингар“ сте?You have had a camper for a long time and are you looking forward to every moment you can go to your favorite spot? Or did you finally get a caravan this season and want to tour several different campsites? Do you know your “travel style” and can you plan your holiday well, according to your personal preference and that of relatives and friends?

Take the V-Gas’s fun test ” What Type Of Camper Are You?” and find out!



  1. Where do you feel most comfortable with your camper?


  1. A) On a wild beach
  2. B) High in the mountains
  3. C) Sea, mountain, I love them both
  1. Planning your vacation in advance?
  1. A) No, I do not like distant and precise planning
  2. B) Yes, I know months beforehand where I will spend my holiday
  3. C) It depends. Sometimes I’m going off the road in an unexpected way, otherwise I plan ahead


  1. What company do you travel the most frequently with?


  1. A) I often travel alone or with distant acquaintances / strangers
  2. B) It depends – sometimes I travel alone, sometimes – with family and friends
  3. C) With family and / or friends
  1. What are the things that are always with you during the trip?


  1. A) My good mood 🙂
  2. B) Documents, spare propane bottles, essentials
  3. C) My favorite clothes and sports equipment
  1. What makes you feel most comfortable during your travel?


  1. A) Surprising experiences
  2. B) The convenience and the nature
  3. C) The cool company


Test Results:

Какъв тип „къмпингар“ сте?


Predominant Answers А

You are a free spirit who wants to visit as many places as possible with his camper. You love the surprises and challenges that will surely be waiting for you this summer. Continue in the same way, but consider whether to share the good experiences with more friends or relatives.

Какъв тип „къмпингар“ сте?


Predominant Answers B

You believe that the good trip is planned from early on. There are always people willing to take on the road with you, because you are an extremely well-organized person and your companions know they can rely on you. All of this is great, but you should also think about yourself – why not take a trip that is not organized by you? Do not be afraid to trust others, the adventure will be worth it!

Какъв тип „къмпингар“ сте?


Predominant Answers C

You love the variety and it’s hard for you to stay in one place. You often take reckless journeys, but your mind has been engaged for months alongside the “dreaming” trip of the season. Your ability to get the most out of every situation makes your summer vacation an unforgettable adventure!

Test results are conditional and depend on your current mood, but one thing is certain: if you use V-Gas propane bottles, your comfort and freedom during the journey will be guaranteed. You can order them from V-Gas at 0700 20204 or find them at the nearest gas station.