What should not be forgotten when traveling with a camper?

Какво не трябва да забравяте при пътуване с кемпер?Before you head to the dream journey, you should make sure your camper or caravan is in full working order. Also, you have to take with you some important items that you will need. Ensure a pleasant trip by remembering to take with you:

Driving license, passport and green card (if necessary)

Get also your international passport even though you only plan to travel to countries in the European Union. Make sure that every companion has also taken their ID card and passport with him. You never know what you will decide during the trip.

Prepare a document for emergency care and a first aid kit

Be prepared and also take a document containing information about your blood group, diseases, etc. You must also have all the essential medicines, first aid kit and insect repellents.

GPS navigation

Where to go without a GPS and a map? Do not trust GPS navigation completely, as there are often changes. Remember to refresh your interactive map before getting on the road.


Do not rely solely on your debit or credit card, because often on the way, you can only pay in cash. Make sure you have exchanged enough money in the currency of the countries you will be traveling to.

Reflective vest and headlamp

In many of the EU countries, including Bulgaria, a reflective vest is mandatory. In some countries, you have to have one vest for each passenger, and in others you should have one for each seat, even if the seats are not occupied. Obligatory check the exact requirements in the countries you are traveling.

The headlamp and torch are irreplaceable assistants in any unpredictable situations at night.

Drinks, food, household items

During long trips, it is important to be well hydrated to prevent congestion and edema in the limbs. So prepare water and other beverages, as well as refreshing drinks for the drivers.

Choose a long-lasting food during your trip. Make sure you have taken all necessary hygiene products.

Propane bottles for campers

Remember that propane bottles are the most practical choice when traveling with a camper. You can use them for everything – from heating water to cooking. This will make you feel comfortable no matter where you are. You can order them from V-Gas at 0700 20204.

And the most important thing – do not forget to take with you on the road your good mood!