What’s Best For Heating Your Home?

Кой е най-добрият начин за отопление на дома Ви?When there is time to make innovations at home, the family usually hesitates before taking a decision how to heat the house. This is normal as it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons when switching from traditional ways of warming the home, cooking and heating water to modern technologies such as a propane-butane installation.

That’s why we’re offering you a quick and easy test to find out what’s the best solution for your home.


  1. Do you think that your heating bills correspond to the energy actually consumed by the household?

YES               NO 

  1. Is it quick to switch from cold to hot water in your home?

YES               NO

  1. Do you think the service of the company that takes care of the heating in your home is accurate?

YES              NO

  1. You do not have to pay extra for the heating of common residential areas.

YES              NO

  1. Is it rare to have a heating problem in your home?

YES             NO


“NO” answers to more than 3 questions

You must take measures immediately to change the company that serves you. Do not delay for the last moment and contact our experts at 0700 20204 to find out how easy it is to move to a propane-butane home installation. Once you’ve made the right decision, you’ll be pleased with the return on investment, the perfect service and the increased energy efficiency in your home.

1 to 3 “NO” answers

You are dissatisfied with the current way of your home heating, but you are still not sure if there is a better alternative. Think about how much trouble and money you will save by switching to a LPG home installation. It can be installed even in hard-to-reach places and always allows you to pay only for what you consume. In addition, cooking with LPG is more delicious, and water heating is faster. Find out the details of switching to a LPG home installation here.

“YES” answers to all questions

If you have answered positively to all of the questions, you are most likely already our client and take advantage of the propane-butane gas installation. 🙂  You made the right decision for your home and you pay just as much as you use.

However, if you are using the services of another company that you are happy with, then think about whether it is the most environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that LPG is an environmentally friendly source of energy and you can always live environmentally friendly by switching to a propane-butane home installation.