LPG home installation - the optimal solution for your new property

LPG is the perfect solution when looking for the best way to heat your new home wherever it is. With LPG you are relying on clean, environmentally friendly energy that meets all your needs and is a heating option even in hard-to-reach areas.

When searching for a new home, choosing a heating system is an extremely important decision that should be carefully considered and based on an objective analysis of household preferences and capabilities.

Millions of families in Europe, and thousands already in the country, use propane-butane as a sustainable heat source. The reasons for the increasing number of Bulgarian households that prefer LPG heating are many, but the main concerns are that more families are disappointed with the services offered by district heatings, extra heating costs or polluted air in the home because of improper air conditioning maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the different options for home heating before its purchase and to choose an optimal, long-term option.

LPG домашна инсталация – оптималното решение за новия Ви имот

Home LPG installations are an extremely attractive solution for heating your new home. Did you know that with LPG heating you increase the air quality in your home and contribute to the protection of the environment?

Additionally, LPG also meets your cooking and heating needs.

Professional chefs prefer to cook with LPG because they are the best way to control the baking process. It‘s because of the even heat and the fast temperature control, resulting in energy savings.

Hot water supply via propane-butane also has its advantages – the devices occupy much less space than boilers, they are also safe and energy-efficient.

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