Going on a Mountain Trip With V-Gas Mini

When planning a hike in the mountains, you should remember to bring V-Gas Mini with you – our compact set of tourist stove and a small LPG bottle. Find out why! If you have spoken to hikers or have checked out on the Internet what are the most practical appliances that will easily be collected in your backpack prepared for a trip in nature, you surely know what portable gas stoves are. V-Gas has created the V-Gas Mini, a compact stove with a small propane-butane bottle, to serve campers and hikers on their journeys.

V-Gas Mini has a lightweight and comfortable 98% butane bottle that weighs only 190 g.   На планина с V-Gas Mini

Here are some of the key reasons why V-Gas Mini travel kits should always be with you in the mountains:

  • You carry food that should be cooked before consuming

If you carry with you delicious food that should be baked or boiled, instead of cans, you can certainly rely on V-Gas Mini. This way, you will be convinced that you have not brought the food in vain and that you will eat something warm. Keep in mind that in many places in the mountains, it is forbidden to start a fire, and even if allowed, it is difficult to do so in wet weather.

  • You have planned a trip to remote areas where there is no clean water to drink

If you run out of water during the trip to places where you are not sure that the water is drinkable, you can always boil it with a V-Gas Mini. This way you will not find yourself in situations that will ruin the whole journey.

  • You have to boil water

All parents know that when they travel to the mountains with their small ones, they need a compact tool to heat water. There are many reasons – dissolving medicines, milk powder, providing hot tea, etc. When you do not have access to electricity, the portable propane-butane stoves come to the rescue. When going into the wild, always take our lightweight and handy V-Gas Mini helpers with you!

You can order them directly at 0700 20204 or get a V-Gas Mini from the nearest Shell and Petrol gas station.

Deliveries to the address are made through Speedy courier company and are at the client’s expense. If you only need V-Gas fillers, the price of one is only 1.75 BGN and the full V-Gas Mini kit is available at a price of 18.15 BGN.