Over 5,000 People Participated in Our Game With Radio NJOY

We distributed 10 sets of Crème Brûlée, 2 branded backpacks, and 2 cups.

At the end of November, we kicked off our campaign of activities dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the creation of V-Gas. Over two weeks, between November 20th and December 1st, we hosted our joint game with NJOY radio: ‘Inspector N-JOY brings the good mood with V-Gas.’ During this period, every weekday, users could participate in prizes by giving the correct answer to one of 10 questions related to the useful properties and broad usage of propane-butane.

As a company that has been on the Bulgarian market for over 25 years, we have always strived to acquaint the general public with the benefits of using propane-butane. Organizing a game with one of the most listened-to radios in Bulgaria was an ideal way to achieve our goals. We will continue to promote awareness of propane-butane, as more and more people need to realize its benefits, both for convenience and environmental conservation,” shared Maya Blagoeva, CEO of V-Gas.

Над 5 000 участваха в играта ни с Radio NJOY

Through radio announcements, listeners learned who discovered propane-butane, what the Olympic flame burns with, what the practical alternative to the electric stove is, and many other interesting facts about this valuable energy source. Over 98% of the game participants provided correct answers. Ten of them, selected by lottery, won a fantastic Crème Brûlée set, and two won a branded cup and backpack from V-Gas