New 50 liter V-Gas bottles for orchards protection

Нови 50 литрови бутилки от V-Gas за защита на овощни насажденияV-Gas offers new 50 liter bottles of LPG for the needs of cherry, peach, strawberry and other plant growers. The bottles are used by heating machines to provide warm air and to protect plants from freezing and frost during the transition seasons characterized by large temperature differences. Thanks to the LPG heating, humidity is reduced, and the crops are protected from frost. In this way, the fruit set is ensured, regardless of the lower temperatures during the pollination period.

The agricultural machines that protect the crops from the frost are equipped with a gas burner and a fan blowing the warm air. They adjust the temperature, which increases briefly and then decreases again. This ensures protection with less fuel than other systems for keeping the temperature above the critical values.

The new 50-liter V-Gas cylinders have a manual shut-off valve for maximum efficiency. Their features are as follows:

  • Net Weight of Gas: 20 kg
  • Tare Weight: ~ 18 kg
  • Height: 74.2 cm
  • Body Diameter: 36 cm

The bottles have a declaration of compliance with the Transportable pressure vessel directive, which is available on request.

It is time to get quality and reliable gas bottles from V-Gas, which you can use for your heating machines against frost! Order at 0700 20204 for the whole country.

V-Gas provides the new 50 liter bottles for a cash deposit.