Unmatched Composite Cylinders: A Unique Offering in the Bulgarian Market

We offer them filled with 12 kg of propane-butane; they are intended for corporate customers with forklifts.

We now offer A-Class composite cylinders with no equivalent on the Bulgarian market, designed in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. The A-Class certification guarantees not only reliability and ease of use but also a stylish design.

The composite cylinders are provided by the world leader in cylinder supply, Aburi Composites. Their capacity is 26.2 liters, equivalent to 12 kg of propane-butane. Their greatest advantage is that their universal size makes them suitable for all types of forklifts.

The cylinders are distinguished by being:

  • Extremely lightweight (an empty cylinder weighs only 6.1 kg)
  • Easy to transport
  • Convenient for storage

Новите ни композитни бутилки нямат аналог на българския пазар

Composite cylinders offer numerous advantages for both gas distributors and end-users — they are stronger and safer compared to conventional cylinders. Additionally, their low energy production and reduced carbon footprint make them a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.


Новите ни композитни бутилки нямат аналог на българския пазар


The A-Class cylinders from Aburi Composites excel in passing all safety and durability tests.

Fire Test – cylinder lasts >2 min in fire and remains nonexplosive while all gas burns off.

Heat Stress Test – test full cylinder for 2000 hours at temperature above 65 degrees Celsius.

Burst Test – test pressure at which the cylinder will fall and burst (>120 bar).

Extreme Temperature – test cylinder over extreme range of temperatures from -40 to +65 degrees Celsius.

Bullet Test – cylinder withstands a bullet fired through it without explosion or fragmenting.

Cycle Test – cylinder tested through 20000 cycles of pressure from 0 bar to 34 bar.

Permeation Test – cylinder tested that natural occurring permeation is below required limit.

Drop Test – test robustness of cylinder when dropped from height on all angles of impact.

Новите ни композитни бутилки нямат аналог на българския пазар


V-Gas is the only company in Bulgaria that offers A-Class cylinders from Aburi Composites. This demonstrates the continuous expansion of our portfolio with cylinders of various capacities and purposes to meet all the needs of our customers.

Новите ни композитни бутилки нямат аналог на българския пазар