Get Your Camper Ready for the Spring

Подгответе кемпера си за пролеттаFinally spring has shown its warm side and it is time to think about the camping season. Wake up your camper from the winter sleep and make sure it’s in good condition before you get off the road. V-Gas gives you some useful tips to prepare for a long journey:

  1. Check the gas installation

Even if you think everything is fine with the gas installation, we recommend a manometer test every spring. Also check that the regulator is working properly. When it comes to making sure everything is OK, it’s only up to you to get the safe propane bottles of V-Gas, which are the most suitable products for campers and caravans.

  1. Charge the battery

Check the water level in the battery and examine it thoroughly. If it’s cracked, you need to change it. Charge the battery completely before traveling.

  1. Pack your wheel bearings

This will ensure safe and smooth towing all summer long. Also check the air pressure in your tires and make sure it is at the level recommended on the sidewall

  1. Clean the camper thoroughly

During the winter period, it is possible, your camper to have become a home of unpleasant irritants, so you need to clean the caravan thoroughly. Once you have cleaned the gas stove, check how it works – a blue flame instead of a yellow flame is required.

  1. Check the liquids

Always check the liquid in the camper – oil, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid and wiper fluid, so as not to be unpleasantly surprised on the road just before the expected adventure.

  1. Before you go on the road make sure that:
  • the tank is full of fuel;
  • the clean water tank is full;
  • the dirty water tank is empty;
  • a toilet cartridge is clean and empty;
  • you have propane bottles for V-Gas campers.
  • The final recommendation is extremely easy to follow – just order the reliable bottles at national number: 0700 20204.

V-Gas wishes you a lot of adventures and a trouble-free trip with your favorite camper and your favorite people!