The Advantages of Propane-Butane Over Natural Gas

Propane-butane is more affordable, environmentally friendly and economical than natural gas

Propane-butane (or Liquefied Petroleum Gas) has wide applications in business and everyday life, as it is easily portable; can be transported, stored and used anywhere. It is preferred to natural gas due to its reduced carbon footprint, convenience and economy. Propane-butane has enough reserves to continue to be produced. What are the main differences between LPG and natural gas?

  • Natural gas is extracted directly from the bowels of the earth and transported through pipes.
  • Propane-butane is a product obtained after the processing of crude oil in refineries. It is transported by rail or tank trucks.

->LPG is easier to transport anywhere.

  • Natural gas contains mainly methane and ethane. Propane-butane is composed of propane and butane.

-> LPG has a higher calorific value than natural gas. Learn more about the LPG benefits from this short video:

V-Gas as a reliable company with over 20 years of presence in the Bulgarian propane-butane market and 80% growth of new consumers in 2021, follows the EU policy to reduce dependence on Russian energy sources.

This is achievable thanks to:

– the presence of more suppliers of propane-butane than natural gas;

– the mode of transport – not by pipe, but by ship, rail or road.

Therefore, no difficulties are expected in the supply of sufficient quantities for the Bulgarian market. Предимствата на пропан-бутана пред природния газ