V-GAS relies on highly qualified and trained staff who takes care of the full service of our customers and partners – from filling cylinders with liquefied gas, to the delivery, installation, instruction and maintenance of the facilities available to the company.

V-GAS provides regular and secure gas supply for the operation of the power supply system and, according to the requirements of its customers, expands constantly the range of services it offers.


The services our customers can benefit from are:

A complete process of filling cylinders in a protected environment to achieve complete consumer safety

The gas-filling plant of V-GAS is equipped with the latest technical facilities:

  • automatic filling facilities ensuring the exact weight of the liquefied gas in the cylinders;
  • devices for automatic checking of cylinder airtightness;
  • sealing devices for the shut-off valve with thermo-shrink foil;
  • devices for safe weight adjustment in case of cylinder overfilling;
  • control scales;
  • additional electronic control scales to check the accuracy of weight;
  • properly maintained documentation on the registration, inspection and repairs of the containers.

The overall filling process of cylinders with liquefied gas includes:

  • Checking the compliance of cylinders with the European and Bulgarian standards before filling and localising the unsuitable ones for further inspection and repair.
  • Checking the exact weight of the full cylinders during the process of filling and re-checking with the electronic control scale after completion of the process.
  • Examining the airtightness of the valve of each cylinder before sealing it with thermo-shrink foil. A gas analyzer is used for this purpose.

Provision of gas storage equipment, design, construction and legalization of gas installations for the households and business. Implementation of turnkey projects. Prevention and basic technical inspections of tanks. Annual prophylaxis of the technical condition of the gas equipment, carrying out the activities of its periodic inspections and service maintenance as necessary in case of accidents. Logistics services – pumping gas from tanks, decommissioning and securing of gas facilities. Training of staff who works with gas installations and facilities:

  • gas traders – there are always written operational instructions at the retail outlets;
  • drivers of vehicles – the instruction covers knowledge of the basic physico-chemical properties of the product, hazards, safe practices for handling and actions in the event of an accident;
  • employees responsible for the maintenance of the equipment – according to the requirements of the Ordinance, every industrial user of the LPG must appoint a responsible person whose instruction is provided by us.
  • individual instruction and training of household users of LPG – the safe operation of the cylinders by end-users is provided by instructing every new customer.

Assistance in the preparation and maintenance of the technical documentation of the facilities.

Consultation regarding the choice of appropriate facilities (subject to the required power and the specificity of the project). Recommendation on the type of LPG (density), volume of tank required, proper selection for positioning and compliance with safety requirements (tank spacing), location of gas cylinder rack in accordance with the specificity of the project, control of compliance with fire regulations safety, technical surveillance requirements.