Find out how to cook healthy on your BBQ

Now is the best season for outdoor cooking on your LPG BBQ. In the summer heat, however, we also have to think about how healthy we eat so that we do not risk the good weather being disturbed by stomach issues or blood pressure problems. Follow our easy tips to make sure that besides tasty, cooking with your barbecue is healthy.

Разберете как да готвите здравословно на барбекюто си

  • Cook roasted vegetables, fruits and fish

So the BBQ cooking won’t lead to the formation of carcinogenic substances. The roasted vegetables, fruits and fish are a completely healthy way of preparing food.

  • Put on the BBQ only small and thin pieces of meat

In addition to feeding the hungry ones quick (the small pieces roast for minutes), you will produce less smoke from the dripping fat.

  • Remove the visible fats from the meat before putting it on the barbecue

In this way, you will limit the risk to have harmful heterocyclic amino acids in your food.

  • Use the marinade

Use low-fat (or fat-free) marinade for meat, fish and poultry on the grill to limit the fat that drips on the coal. Some studies have shown that marinating before baking reduces the formation of harmful substances to 92% to 99%.

  • Turn food frequently

Turning food often prevents the formation of harmful substances, according to a recent analysis of hamburgers cooked in BBQ. To turn the meat without drilling it (which releases the juices that drip onto the coal), use clamps or spatulas instead of a fork.

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