Regulation for Heavy-Duty Vehicles Should Recognise Decarbonisation Potential of LPG

The EU industry, including fuel and automotive suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, dealers, repairers, and transport operators, welcome the revision of the CO2 Regulation for Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) and support decarbonisation potential of sustainable and renewable fuels in a joint letter. The industry believes that recognising all CO2 emission reduction pathways along the entire value chain is crucial for the development of clean vehicles and decarbonization of the transport sector.

The signatories recommend that the CO2 Regulation for HDVs consider sustainable and renewable fuels for compliance, which would support the EU’s Green Deal objectives and accelerate the decarbonization of the commercial transport sector.

Here is a part of the joint statement:

Heavy-Duty transport is a vital sector for the functioning of the internal market and a suitable regulatory framework shall support the development of clean vehicles using different technologies and fuels. Decarbonisation is an immediate challenge and all options that can have a rapid impact need to be enabled.
Sustainable and renewable fuels can speed up the process and contribute to achievement of the “Fit for 55” and the full decarbonisation targets in road transport.

Read the joint statement here.

Регламентът за CO₂ за тежкотоварни превозни средства трябва да признае потенциала на LPG за декарбонизация