10 500 New LPG Bottles for 2019

From the beginning of the year until August, we have bought an impressive number of brand new LPG bottles – 10,500. Of these, 4,200 are for gas auto-moto vehicles – 10 kg. The new gas tanker bottles have a new type of valve that optimizes their safe exploitation.

Само за 2019 г. закупихме 10 500 нови газови бутилки


The other 6,300 new LPG bottles (10 kg and 20 kg.) are intended for domestic needs – for heating and cooking. All of our bottles meet all safety requirements of the national and European legislation. It is of particular importance for us to provide reliable and safe gas cylinders to our customers.

That is why every year we buy new cylinders and repair, refurbish and repaint approximately 12,000 bottles. All 10-year-old cylinders undergo a technical inspection with a hydraulic test for bottle strength and internal cleaning.

Finding our high-quality cylinders is easy – browse the online map of points of sale nationwide or order by phone: 0 700 20 204