Tips to Kit Out Your Kitchen

You know the advantages of the gas stove from personal experience and from the articles we have published in our blog. It’s time to give you some easy-to-implement but effective ideas for refreshing the kitchen, no matter how big it is.

  1. Get Green

Съвети за освежаване на кухнята виPlants should not only inhabit your yard or terrace. They make any space more dynamic and vibrant. Growing fresh herbs in the kitchen is a beautiful and practical endeavour. Suitable for this purpose are rosemary, oregano, mint and others. Put them in the brightest place in your kitchen and water them according to the season and their features.  

  1. Shiny Knives

There are different types of knives – everyday, specialized, professional, etc. It is important not only to choose the right knives for your needs but also to find the best place in the kitchen for them. Whether you choose a magnetic wall hanging, or a stylish knife block, they must be clean and in good order.

  1. Clock Time

Whether your stove has a timer or not, placing a wall clock in the kitchen will give it a distinctive look and save you time – you will not be distracted from cooking by checking phones and other mobile devices with clocks. Look for an appliance that is functional and expresses the mood of your kitchen.

  1. Beautiful Teapot

Съвети за освежаване на кухнята ви Think about how energy efficient your kettle is, whether you can use preset temperatures, how easy it is to clean, and whether it makes your kitchen cozy. Maybe it’s time to replace the kettle with something more beautiful and functional?

  1. More Interior Ideas

Have you thought to…

  • hang interesting plates in the kitchen, instead of paintings, ;
  • paint the old chairs in bright and fresh colors;
  • use non-standard lighting fixtures?

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