Special Event on the Occasion of V-Gas’s 25th Anniversary

In addition to World LPG Day and our anniversary, we celebrated the start of the project to double the storage capacity in Benkovski.

On June 7th, World LPG Day, we marked a special event – the 25th anniversary of V-Gas, together with our team, partners, and friends. The event took place at St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa. It was attended by nearly 200 guests, including V-Gas employees, representatives of major international companies, as well as local businesses using propane-butane for various purposes such as autogas, forklifts, distribution of household gas cylinders, and more. The program included live music performances and interesting cooking demonstrations with propane-butane. Guests enjoyed refreshing summer cocktails and had the opportunity to have fun with golf games. Unfortunately, due to strong winds, the planned hot air balloon launch powered by propane-butane was not possible.

Специално събитие по случай 25 години V-Gas Our Executive Director, Maya Blagoeva, expressed her gratitude during the event and greeted all the guests.

I want us to preserve the strength of these 25 years – to stay young regardless of our age, to be bold no matter what challenges we face, to be determined to achieve even greater results, and most importantly, to never lose faith in ourselves because we have proven that when we are together, we always succeed!” she stated.

Among the honoured guests were key executives from Sinergon Holding, including Bodo Doganyan (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Marin Stoyanov (Executive Director), and Evgeniya Slavcheva (Chairwoman of the Management Board). Together with our honoured guests and employees, we celebrated not only 25 years of our successful development but also the start of the project to double the storage capacity at the V-Gas facility in Benkovski Village (Plovdiv). This expansion will meet the increased demand for propane-butane and help us optimize our services.

To express our gratitude for the support throughout the years, each guest received a thematic gift – a set for crème brûlée with a mini LPG burner and a greeting card with a recipe. Специално събитие по случай 25 години V-Gas We are deeply touched by the special gift provided by St. Cyril and Methodius School students in Aprilovo: Специално събитие по случай 25 години V-Gas We want to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who enjoyed this special event with us. Your support gives us the strength to achieve the successes we have today. Let’s celebrate another 25 years of success together!