The Benefits of Autogas Vs Petrol Engines

The significantly lower price of the fuel is causing many drivers to switch from petrol to LPG, but installing an automotive gas system has other advantages

Interest in LPG vehicles has always been great, but the trend has become even more noticeable in our country in the last year. More and more vehicle owners are switching to automotive gas systems.

Предимствата на автомобилната газова уредба пред бензиновите двигатели

The use of propane-butane as a fuel for petrol engines provides a number of advantages, the main ones of which are:

  • fuel costs are greatly reduced (in some cases over 50%);
  • the amount of toxic emissions in the atmosphere is much less;
  • the engine runs more quietly;
  • the motor resource of the internal combustion engine increases;
  • in the conditions of a cold start, the oil film is not washed off the walls of the cylinders;
  • automobile gas contains significantly fewer impurities compared to even the best-quality gasoline;
  • the load on the spark plugs and catalytic converter decreases.

    It is important to note that the installation of gas equipment should not be trusted to garage workshops or non-certified workshops. Poor service can lead to rapid system wear, uneconomical gas consumption and worst of all, the risk of gas leakage.