The European LPG Congress will take place online between 28 and 30 September

The forum’s focus is the Green Deal. The European LPG e-Congress is the largest annual event for the European LPG industry. It aims to bring together both European and global industry leaders, energy professionals, end-users, policy-makers and other external stakeholders. Европейският LPG конгрес ще се проведе онлайн между 28 и 30 септември At a time of significant disruption driven by ambitious EU environmental targets and social change, alternative low-emission liquid fuels in various applications, such as heating, transport and marine, are low-hanging fruit. These solutions are indeed already available and affordable in a time of economic recession. The three-day LPG e-Congress will be held online on 28, 29 and 30 September 2021 and will focus on the EU Green Deal and the importance of LPG and renewable gases for the energy transition. The Congress will:

  • show industry innovation;
  • cultivate business ideas;
  • share knowledge and best practices, and set the course for the future of the industry.

This will emphasize the role of LPG and bioLPG in achieving the objectives of the Green Decarbonisation Deal. The forum will provide a platform for discussing operational and strategic solutions for the industry in relation to the pandemic and its results, to outline a future perspective for the market.

Find out more about the European LPG Congress here.