V-Gas at Camping & Caravaning Expo Varna 2022

Between 13-15 May V-Gas joined the second edition of Camping & Caravaning Expo for 2022, which took place in Varna. Over 4,000 people got acquainted with the products and services we provide and they were convinced of the benefits of LPG.

During Camping&Caravaning Expo Varna 2022 we had the opportunity to present not only our practical proposals for heating, but also our bottles for campers (from 9 kg of propane) and those for barbecues (from 10 kg). As well as at the exhibition in Sofia, the favorite of the visitors was the gas stove with a filler butane bottle – V-Gas Mini, which was at promotional prices during the expo.

Employees of the Logistics and Trade departments took part in Camping & Caravaning Expo Varna 2022.

We are glad that we were able to meet with interested visitors and introduce them to the activities of V-Gas as a company that puts quality and safety first, as well as efficient and environmentally friendly applications of LPG.

Успешно представяне на V-Gas и на Camping&Caravaning Expo Varna 2022


For Camping & Caravaning Expo Varna 2022:

For 3 days (between 13 and 15 May), all lovers of outdoor recreation were able to find in one place everything you need for your well-prepared, comfortable, peaceful and happy vacation in the coming summer. At Camping & Caravaning Expo Varna 2022, world-famous brands of campers and caravans, solar equipment and innovative solutions for camping equipment, tourist and off-road leisure vehicles, tents and equipment for hiking, camping, sports and survival in nature were presented. Успешно представяне на V-Gas и на Camping&Caravaning Expo Varna 2022