V-Gas Awards at a Summer Team Building Event

During our team building in Panagyurishte, held between June 10 and 12, we handed out the annual awards of V-Gas. They were based on a survey distributed to all teams, which identified the best departments and employees. Here they are:

  • Favourite department: Finance, led by Petya Boyadzhieva
  • Best performing team: Filling workshop, led by Iliya Gaidov and Kiril Gavazov
  • Favourite colleague: Ivan Nikolov, Commercial Director
  • A colleague you can count on: Petya Boyadzhieva, Financial Director
  • Professional veteran: Iliya Gaidov, V-Gas employee since 1999.

In addition to the awards, our summer team building will be remembered for the fun and team games organized by Euphoria. The most challenging tasks were related to solving mysteries in Panagyurishte, as well as games that tested the physical endurance of the participants. See how we had fun: